Matt & Kim: We Were The Weirdos (EP Review)

Matt & Kim have been one of my favorite musicians to follow since discovering them due to their passion and creativity for everything involving their music. A perfect example of this is We Were The Weirdos.

During their 2016 Coachella set, Matt & Kim dropped a surprise EP titled We Were The Weirdos – an EP they created completely in the weekend between the first and second weeks of Coachella. Matt Johnson spoke about the EP via Pitchfork:

“We took three months off over the winter, the longest break we’ve ever taken since we started the band. They say absences making the heart grow fonder, and when we got back on the road a few weeks ago we felt so fuckin’ inspired! Like we were a new band! You have to ACT on inspiration or it’ll slip through your fingers, and then we were charged up even MORE from 1st weekend of Coachella.  I’m so proud of how raw and real these songs are going to be, I really believe there is something special here…”

Overall, I believe this EP is the ideal sample of the Matt & Kim sound. Since these songs were produced in such a short time, there is such a raw feel to them as they were not tweaked to sound perfectly. “Fall To Pieces” and “Haunting Me” have a similar sound to their earlier records, while “Let’s Run Away” explores the newer or evolved Matt & Kim sound from their most recent album – New Glow. These songs capture the same happy, upbeat nature that Matt & Kim have always been known for (key example: “Daylight”).

While Matt & Kim might not have a sound that everyone enjoys, I believe that anyone is able to see the genuine passion that they have for what they do. This passion reflects in their creative music videos – from choreographed dancing in bed, stripping down nude in the middle of winter in Times Square, to swinging a GoPro around in slowmo – all ideas fully created by Matt & Kim themselves.

Even more so, they just launched a YouTube series called “MATT and KIM SHOW YA STUFF” which is essentially a new vlog every Monday and Thursday.

We Were The Weirdos is a solid entry into the Matt & Kim catalog and recommend giving it a listen.

Key Tracks: Fall To Pieces, Haunting Me


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