Colony House: Only The Lonely (Album Review)

Only The Lonely is Colony House’s sophomore album following up 2014’s When I Was Younger. “Silhouettes” and “Roll With The Punches” had been a couple of my favorite songs of the past year, so I was ecstatic to hear new material from Colony House.

The album released January 13th, 2017 through RCA Records, and follows “the story of our experience with the first album, and what doors it opened” (via Billboard). Colony House toured for two and half years following their first album, so a new sound was influenced from that experience.

Only the Lonely has a more “rock-n-roll” feel when compared to When I Was Younger. The shift to this rawer sound was a great, subtle change in direction for the band.

One of my absolute favorite things about this record is how each song seamlessly flows into the next. Specifically, the transition between the ending of “Follow Me Down” into “Remembered For” is amazing.

The final track of Only The Lonely – “This Beautiful Life” – the strongest track on the album – questioning life as we know it and closing the album on a peaceful note.

“What in the world are we doing here?
What is the meaning of it all?
To fall in love, to make a life that’s calm and stable
Or just to find a place where I belong?”

Only The Lonely was a proper second album and avoided “the sophomore slump” that a lot of bands seem to face. Check it out below on Spotify.

Key Tracks: Lonely, You & I, Where Your Father’s Has Been, This Beautiful Life




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