Passion Pit: Tremendous Sea of Love

Within the past week, Passion Pit has released seven new songs from a new project titled Tremendous Sea of Love. The title originates from President Trump referring to his crowds during his campaign as a “sea of love.”

Whether these songs are from a forthcoming album is unclear as of now, but began appearing the day Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit frontman) announced that he had founded a new company – The Wishart Group – to help support artists with legal, educational, and health care services.

Michael Angelakos has made it clear that now is the time to share the love in the world, and his method of doing this by sharing new material.

As of now, the new tracks – “Moonbeam,” “Somewhere Up There,” “Hey K,” “Inner Dialogue,””The Undertow,” “I’m Perfect,” and “You Have The Right” – can only be found on the Wishart Group’s YouTube channel.

“Moonbeam” and “Inner Dialogue” are short instrumentals, while “Something Up There” is a longer, experimental track, featuring a sample of a voicemail from Angelakos’ mother.

“Hey K” and “I’m Perfect” are standouts so far, as the production on each track is fantastic.

“Love is the answer and the one design / such a simple design, holy architecture”

I’m curious to see where this project will lead, and for how long Angelakos will keep releasing tracks. So far I have loved every one, and look forward to hear more.

Key Tracks: Hey K,  I’m Perfect


1 thought on “Passion Pit: Tremendous Sea of Love”

  1. I think it is really interesting that he started a company for struggling musicians. Passion Pit is a cool band and glad to see that they are doing something productive while releasing new music.


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