New Music Friday: Kendrick Lamar, San Cisco, Bleachers & Oh Wonder

Instead of writing about an album this week, I just want to write about all of the fire that the world was blessed with today.

First off, Kendrick Lamar released a new track titled “HUMBLE.” from his forthcoming album that is rumored to be releasing next Friday. The song essentially is Lamar telling his fans and other rappers to be humble in the chorus whilst bragging about himself in the verses.

As amazing as the song is, the accompanying music video is just as incredible. Some of the camerawork being really amazing (specifically the part at 2:05) and I wish there was a behind the scenes video to explain some of how it was produced.

To a completely different genre/vibe, one of my favorite Australian bands San Cisco released a new song titled “Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?” This song makes me feel nostalgic of summer and excited for the upcoming season. This song will most likely become a staple in a lot of my happy Spotify playlists, despite sort of depressing lyrics.

“Don’t Take The Money” is the debut single from Bleacher’s second album Everybody Lost Somebody coming June 2nd. While she is uncredited, it features vocals from Lorde on latter half of the song. Not too much more to say about this song other than it is a jam and deserves a listen.

Finally, as one who has recently discovered the band Oh Wonder, they just dropped a new track titled “Ultralife.” It reminds me a lot of Of Monsters and Men, but that’s not a bad thing.

All of these songs are significantly different from one another, but they all carry a “feel-good” vibe and I’m just excited 2017 is finally kicking off some great new tunes.


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