Cold War Kids: LA DIVINE (Album Review)

Cold War Kids’ new album LA DIVINE released this Friday, and I’m listening to it for the first time through as of writing this review. I just recently became a fan of the band last summer when “First” was a staple on the radio.

The first four songs on the record have been singles released before the album’s actual release — “Love Is Mystical,” “Can We Hang On ?” “So Tied Up (featuring Bishop Briggs)” and “Restless” — so I have already been familiar with these tracks.

“Can We Hang On ?” sounds very reminiscent of the band’s previous album — Hold My Home — and the first few seconds of the track has a similar sound to “First.” I felt like Bishop Briggs’ featuring on “So Tied Up” was wasted potential as I believe she only provided backing vocals, but the song is still great.

The album features three tracks that are unpolished, quick, one-minute bits that serve almost as interludes into the next song. These songs breakup the album and set the tone for the following track. “Cameras Always On” is only 36 seconds long, but I wish that the band fleshed out this into a full song as it just felt like a tease of a bigger piece. “Part of the Night” transitions into “Free to Breathe” so smoothly to close out the album on a mellow note.

As of now I believe that Hold My Home was a stronger album — but that is not to say that LA DIVINE does not hold gems of its own. However, I have only given the album one listen through so far, so I am sure in time I will be able to give a stronger opinion.

Key Tracks: Can We Hold On ?, Restless, Ordinary Idols, Part of the Night, Free to Breathe



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